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    Mushroom production

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    恰強·機械—— 食用菌設備 理想的選擇QiaQiang Selection of edible fungus equipment for life

    01Strong corporate雄厚的企業實力,給你信心
    • QiaQiang Is the East China regionEdible fungus equipmentAnd coating machines and peripheral machineryproductSpecializing in the production and processing of the company, which in particular, edible fungus complete sets of equipment and production output, is committed to the development and manufacture of edible fungi large-scale, factory production of complete sets of equipment and edible fungus rough, deep processing equipment business。
    • The company has a scientific and perfect quality management system and integrity, and thoughtful quality of service,Since the establishment of the company, to the market of various types of machinery product,With the strength and credibility of the industry's widely recognized, sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiations。
    02Efficient production efficiency高效的生產效率,讓你省心
    • QiaQiang mechanicalLong-term deep cultivation of mushroom cultivation line, involved in the production process of edible fungus, combined with its strong technical force and sophisticated processing technology, developed to save manpower, material resources, easy to operate and manage the edible fungus complete sets of assembly line equipment。
    • I designed and manufactured the company's automatic edible fungus bag machine and the ear fungus package perforated tape machine, with a number of domestic invention patents, not only to fill the gaps in the industry, but also won the mushroom industry "Twelve Five" Outstanding Achievement Excellence Award is one of the few companies in the country who are capable of producing edible fungus automated production lines。
    03The leading products of our company are我公司的主導產品有:
    • First-class and two-stage mixer, flat (climbing) conveyor, Gemini cycle conveyor, simple bagging machine (for all kinds of mushroom package size requirements) edible fungus material mixer, parallel conveyor, fully automatic Bagging bagging machine, punching tape machine, bagging machine, sorting climbing belt, labeling machine imported conveyor belt and other equipment, areCan be customized according to your size。
    • QiaQiang Edible fungus equipment for the industry reputation of the manufacturer, to help customers mass production, low cost,Factory direct sales, primary sourcesNo intermediate links, cheap sales for you to save money。
    04Improve the service system完善的售后服務體系讓您放心
    • The company is headquartered in the financial and shipping center in Shanghai, we have a strong upstream and downstream product supporting system,We have a new product and professional sales and technical team We continue to provide customers with excellent product, efficient technical support and quality after-sales service, in a harmonious atmosphere of cooperation and sharing, to help customers grow together to achieve both economic benefits and Maximize social benefits.
    • Can enjoy free machine commissioning and operation training and enjoy life-long parity equipment accessories supply and quality maintenance services;

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    Shanghai Qiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and processing of edible fungus equipment and coating machines and peripheral machinery products in East China, especi......


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